North (North Glenwalker) joined the SecondLife© Grid on 11/28/2009

He has been building and coding seriously since Jan 2011, and has been involved on a number of major project builds for a number of very large groups.

Nov 2012 he joined the InWorldz© Grid, where he identified a need for a couples hud system, which he designed and built with input from the community of features they wanted in a system. Originally called Bouncing Baby and soon renamed to BB's

April 2013 North added his genital system to his very popular couples hud system to provide a fully intergrated system.

Under mounting pressure to bring his system into the SL grid, North started to conversion in May 2018 and finally finished in September 2018. Rebranding his system under the name Beautiful Beginnings.

SecondLife© is a virtual reality system provided by Linden Research Inc . These products are available only within this system.

North Glenwalker has no affiation to SecondLife© part of © 2018 Linden Research Inc , or InWorldz© Grid