Female HUD and Pussy

Beautiful Beginnings Female HUD and Pussy Deal

Designed and Built By North Glenwalker on InWorldz© Grid (November 2012 - July 2018) to provide the ultimate couples experience, now converted and imported into SecondLife© Grid

Beautiful Beginnings Female Conception HUD.
*****Lifetime free updates*****
Experience your Womanhood in realistic ways.
Developed over 6 years outside of SL and finally available here!
Your HUD contains a number of standard "Species Note Cards" (Human, Furry, or Neko) that can be adjusted to your own preferences or you can create, add, and share custom Note Cards.
It does not matter if you are a Human, Dragon, Elf, Neko, whatever species... you can select from 1-50 births in a littler and a 5-800 RL day gestation period if you feel like it .
Works as Hetro, Bisexual, or Same Sex.
Can be worn with the BB's Male HUD for dual sex people or creatures.
Normal "Always Open" partner status for that special mate.
Temporary Partner - select anyone in your menu.
Fully Open Mode.
Forced Open Mode (Optional $100L extra).
Modes feed down into your Beautiful Beginnings Pussy if worn.
OpenCollar integrated script available. (Free)

Many free or low cost companion items are available with more in development:
Contraceptive pills (Free)
Emergency contraception pills for those "oops" times. (Free)
Folic Acid Pills (Free)
Vitamin Pills (Free)
Fertility injections (100 L$ per box of 28)
IVF and Abortions available with BB certified Doctors/midwifes
Advanced reports to BB certified Doctors midwifes

When Labor is due to start your HUD will wait until you are ready to give birth and may be dialed back to waiting at any time up to final stages of labor so you will never miss your birth like many other systems.
Delivers Mesh baby(s) of correct sex. These may be replaced at any time with your own species or from a range of babies of varying skin tones (small additional charge).
The BBs Female Conception HUD uses colored rings to graphically depict 10 levels of stimulation leading up to orgasm when worn with the Beautiful Beginnings Pussy (and cock for dual sex persons or creatures).

Beautiful Beginnings Female Pussy.
*****Lifetime free updates*****
"Experience Your Womanhood In Realistic Ways"
*Omega Skin Receiver System Built In, No Relay HUD Needed.
*Maitreya and Tonic Default Skin Color Matching HUDs Included.
*100% Mesh Design including vaginal tunnel and outer and inner labia with 5 customizable skin tone options.
*Will Fit Classic or Mesh Bodies, Baked Mesh Ready.
*Realistic Vaginal Canal.
*Shape changes with arousal states, also during pregnancy delivery if linked to a Beautiful Beginnings Female Conception HUD.
*Optional menstrual flow with pads and tampons.
*Seamless integration with the Beautiful Beginnings Female Conception HUD. (A different product than the BBs Pussy HUD included here and is available as a purchased add-on or as a package with the Beautiful Beginnings Pussy).
Developed over 6 years outside of SL and finally available here!
*"Sex Anywhere" is an integrated rezzable pose ball system with 18 popular sex animations.
*"Beautiful Beginnings MLP/XPOSE/AVsitter Interface" is an attractively constructed prim book which enables your BB's Pussy excitement levels to correspond and fluctuate with the activities you engage in on compatible furniture.
*The BB Pussy HUD uses colored rings to graphically depict 10 levels of stimulation leading up to orgasm. The HUD shows stimulation levels for both you and your partner if they are wearing a Beautiful Beginnings Pussy or Cock and are within 10 meters.
*The ability to Hide/Show the genitals in the rare case it causes a wardrobe malfunction.