Designed and Built By North Glenwalker on InWorldz© Grid (November 2012 - July 2018) to provide the ultimate couples experience, now converted and imported into SecondLife© Grid

Beautiful Beginnings Strap-on

Beautiful Beginnings Strap-on
Comes with a bottle of 10 SimuSperm
Introducing the Beautiful Beginnings Strap-on Dildo.
Gender, sexuality? The Beautiful Beginnings Strap-on Dildo doesn't care, it's simply built to do business!
Designed and scripted to connect adventurous lovers, this toy enables the sharing of their most intense feelings and sensations through their Beautiful Beginnings genitals... and straight to the arousal levels of their Beautiful Beginnings HUDs.
**Ability to cum and even to aim your cum at any one of nine places on a partner's body! Rezz a package of Beautiful Beginnings SimuSperm Play Enhancer near this toy. SimuSperm is automatically added and then the package self deletes.
Integrated with the "It's NOT Mine! Body Cum System".
**To select one of eight custom jelly colors, one of six shades of Virtual-Skin, or smooth metal
**Ability to switch between a two-point and a three-point harness, On The Fly! Allows for moving between various types of play without any of those awkward fumbling moments.
**Ability to tilt the toy's shaft in 5 degree intervals, On The Fly! Allows for the most opportune angling for animations.
**OFF - Level 4 Vibration Settings work in conjunction with you and your partners Beautiful Beginnings genital shapes and Beautiful Beginnings HUD Arousal Levels ..

Beautiful Beginnings SimuSperm

Beautiful Beginnings SimuSperm
SimuSperm* Play Enhancer
For use with Beautiful Beginnings Play Products
*Looks and feels like real sperm but without the side effects.
Comes in 10 uses bottles, further bottles available at a small cost.
Enables you to use a number of Beautiful Beginnings play products advanced options of being able to "cum" in and over your partner for a unique experience. Links in with the INM body cum system to extend your play.